course dinner

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※ Example of past course dish

On the official blog you can browse the contents of the course meal provided until now.
All courses can be ordered from one person.

Consider the dishes offered as you wish.
Please inform us of the next request at the time of reservation.
The chef 'Ogushi' thinks about the seasonal dish, and the chef confidently cooks.

<What you want to hear>
· Reservation date · time · number of people · budget · taste of your choice.
Things that can not be eaten by allergies etc.
· It is also possible to construct courses by cooking only in one country in Southeast Asia.
· Please tell me if you have food or image you want to eat.
If you could tell me that nostalgic dish you ate in Southeast Asia, that food you saw on TV, books etc, it is also possible to reproduce. 

※ Reservation to the previous day
※ 2 people or more

<Course budget (1 person: more than 5000 yen is also possible)>
· 3000 yen course / 1 person (Please select meat or fish dish)
· 3500 yen course / 1 person
· 4000 yen course / 1 person
· 4500 yen course / 1 person
· 5000 yen course / 1 person

Chef 'Ogoshi'