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Image of set meal (Actual content will change)
Southeast Asian 10 countries weekly set meal

Premium 1200 yen (3 side dishes and mini fruits included)
Specia l 1000 yen (with 2 side dishes and mini fruits)
Normal   800 yen (with side dish 1 item + mini fruit)

<Regarding the set meal every other week>
We serve food from 10 countries in Southeast Asia every other country alternately week.

We offer side dishes and soups of each country in a set menu style.
- You can choose two kinds of meat dishes and fish dishes
Brown rice grain bean rice (Okayama non-agricultural chemical rice Japanese rice) and Thai jasmine rice can be selected.
 fried eggs are attached.

<Order of patrol> ※Please check this week's country on the official blog.
1, Philippines → 2, Thailand → 3, Singapore → 4, Myanmar → 5, Laos
→ 6, Indonesia → 7, Cambodia → 8, Malaysia → 9, Vet Nam
→ 10, Brunei → → (1, Philippines · · ·)

<Available menu after 13:00>

・Super premium lunch 2000 yen (main dish and dessert will be deluxe)

・Children's lunch 600 yen (up to grade 3 elementary school students)
800 yen (until elementary school sixth grade students) · Vegetarian lunch 1000 yen

Image of vegetarian lunch (Actual content will change)